About meidrix


Meidrix Biomedicals GmbH, a German based company in Esslingen, Germany, develops, produces and markets three-dimensional collagen based implants designed to repair defects in articular cartilage and for other promising application areas. The implants are composed primarily of highly pure nativ collagen produced by the company using a novel manufacturing method.

Out of it we developed our first productline for the treatment of articular cartilage defects and the medical device ChondroFiller gel and ChondroFiller liquid is CE certified.

Meidrix has filed several patents for the liquid application of collagen. In two countries, the patent for the two-chamber syringe was granted.

Dr. Thomas Graeve is the founder and scientific head of Amedrix GmbH. Dr. Thomas Graeve and his team of experts share a tremendous wealth of experience and well-established networks pertaining to the development, production and registration of biotechnology products. Starting over 20 years ago he was working on collagen based products at the Fraunhofer Institut in Stuttgart. During his final years as department chair at this institute, he co-founded Arthro Kinetics AG, where he served on the Board of Directors and as Chief Scientific Officer. His responsibilities included the successful development, production and registration of a variety of products. In January 2009 he founded Amedrix GmbH.

In the United Stated 27 million people suffer from degenerative joint disease (Helmick et al., 2008); in Germany alone 5 million people suffer from degenerative joint disease, and worldwide € 7.0 billion are spent annually on the treatment of defects of articular cartilage. In Europe and the US cartilage related products are estimated to have a market potential of over € 70 million (own estimation).