meidrix biomedicals GmbH

We are an innovative biotechnology company with headquarters in Esslingen/Germany. We specialise in regenerative biological medical devices. The development and production of orthobiologic implants based on natural collagen for regenerative joint cartilage is our passion. Our mission is to preserve quality of living and mobility through natural regeneration.

The result of our own extensive product research and development, ChondroFiller® liquid is an innovative product for regenerative cartilage therapy.

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ChondroFiller® liquid

ChondroFiller® liquid is used for the treatment of cartilage defects up to 3 cm2.

Application is also possible in areas of joints that are difficult to access (e.g. retropatellar) and can be performed with highly innovative arthroscopy and nano arthroscopy methods.

The orthobiologic cartilage implant with unique, patented implantation technology enables regenerative, gentle and effective treatment of cartilage injuries in various joints, including the knee, ankle, hip and shoulder.


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