What is ChondroFiller?

ChondroFiller is the newest generation of biologic cartilage implants! It consists of highly pure nativ collagen and works without cell-breeding in laboratories. That means only a one-step surgery is necessary! The implantation occurs arthroscopically or minimally invasive.

Collagen is the most abundant natural structure protein of the human body and the main component of skin, tendons and cartilage.


What can offer a treatment with Chondrofiller to you:

  • single surgery
  • custom-fitable
  • arthroscopically or minimally invasive
  • minimal surgery time


Our competence is based on our long standing experience and collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology as well as our significant know-how in the development and production of this new generation of biologic implants. That is why we can provide you with very high quality products.

You are in safe hands with us and our partners.