ChondroFiller gel is a form stable collagen hydrogel which requires only a single, minimally invasive surgical procedure (mini arthrotomy).

The acellular Matrix has a solid gel-like consistency.

ChondroFiller gel is available with a diameter of 2 or 4 cm and a thickness of 4, 6 or 8 mm. In addition ChondroFillergel can be custom-fit to the defect site.





Advantages of ChondroFiller gel

  • just one procedure
  • Acellular; no 2nd procedure attaining a biopsy
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Adaptable to defect size
  • Easy to use; no additional covering or suturing necessary
  • Short surgery time
  • Storable and ready to use



Order information
ProductDescriptionOrder number
ChondroFillergel Diameter 2cm, Height 4mm HCFG-24
ChondroFillergel Diameter 2cm, Height 6mm HCFG-26
ChondroFillergel Diameter 2cm, Height 8mm HCFG-28
ChondroFillergel Diameter 4cm, Height 4mm HCFG-44
ChondroFillergel Diameter 4cm, Height 6mm HCFG-46
ChondroFillergel Diameter 4cm, Height 8mm HCFG-48