Meidrix is a medical bioengineering company which develops highly innovative collagen based implants for soft tissue regeneration. Our novel products are cell-free medical devices for the treatment of cartilage defects with just one surgical procedure . These products are the next generation of cartilage implants in the field of biomedicine.

With our first product line we focus on treating full thickness focal defects of articular cartilage in the knees, ankles and shoulder Joints. The Chondrofiller gel implant is a stable and easy form of use matrix which requires only one minimally invasive surgical procedure (mini arthrotomy). 

Chondrofiller liquid is a dual chamber syringe which applies liquid collagen. The implantation can be done during an arthroscopy. About 3-5 minutes after the injection into the defect zone a dimensionally stable gel forms.

Chondrofiller is for the treatment of clear defined cartilage defects at different joints and serves as a protective cover of the defective zone.